Beautiful Bathroom Faucets

Beautiful Bathroom Faucets

Over time your bathroom starts to feel boring and does not allow you to your time in your bathroom. When you start to feel this way you decide to change it. Everyone changes the most obvious things such as bathtubs, toilet and tile but many times you overlook the small things such as the faucet. The faucet is one of the most used tools in the bathroom. Updating your faucet can make your bathroom look modern and pleasant to be spend time in. There are numerous beautiful faucet designs. We have gathered some faucet designs that we love.

The Masterpiece of Design that is Falling Water

Falling Water Frank Lloyd Wright

Peace, tranquillity and spirituality. These are just a few terms that spring to mind when contemplating water, and these words have never been better defined than when appreciating Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1935 architectural masterpiece Falling Water. Often referred to as the Kaufmann Residence, this stunningly complex work of art redefined the architectural industry. The extensity of Wright’s work was recognized by the United States in 1966, when the home became a National Historic Landmark.

Kitchen Photos: 18 Kitchens You’re Going to Love

18 Kitchens You’re Going to Love

The kitchen is the heart of the home and whenever we have visitors everyone seems to gather in the kitchen.  The kitchen is the most popular room in the house so it is important to make sure your plumbing is functioning properly.  We pride ourselves on being the best plumbers in Salt Lake City and Park City we make sure that the plumbing is perfect when we work in a kitchen.