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May 2016
Old Water Heater
Blog Highlights: Simple annual checkups can help homeowners extend the life of their water heaters Knowing where the water heater is placed is crucial so that you can access it right away when you need to Having as much information about your water heater can help you avail of warranties and it can also help...
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Drain Trap
Blog Highlights: People can easily mistake offensive odors within the home for sewer gas smells Tracking the source of the smell is crucial when it comes to identifying the reason behind it A dried-out or empty P-trap is one of the most common causes of sewer gas odors A P-trap with a proper vent is...
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Women filling glass with water
Blog Highlights: Too much iron can make your water taste funny, bloody, or metallic Iron can come from dissolved minerals from underground water or from corroded water pipes Too much iron in your water can decrease water pressure in the home and it can clog your appliances A water aeration system can be very beneficial...
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