6 Water Heater Tips to Help Keep your Water Hot and Your Bills Low

Old Water Heater

Blog Highlights:

  • Simple annual checkups can help homeowners extend the life of their water heaters
  • Knowing where the water heater is placed is crucial so that you can access it right away when you need to
  • Having as much information about your water heater can help you avail of warranties and it can also help plumbers during repairs and installations
  • Homeowners should know how to shut-off the water supply, the gas supply, or turn-off the breaker boxes of their water heaters
  • Keeping items and objects away from the water heater can help prevent fires from happening and it can also help maintain efficiency
  • Having sediments and debris inside the tank will mean that your water heater needs a full flushing

Knowing how a dry P-trap can cause Sewer Gas Odors

Drain Trap

Blog Highlights:

  • People can easily mistake offensive odors within the home for sewer gas smells
  • Tracking the source of the smell is crucial when it comes to identifying the reason behind it
  • A dried-out or empty P-trap is one of the most common causes of sewer gas odors
  • A P-trap with a proper vent is used to prevent sewer gasses from leaking into the home
  • Proper ventilation is important, otherwise, draining will cause the push and pull of air on the P-trap, allowing sewer gasses to leak
  • Bathrooms, kitchen sinks, and showers that have been unused for months can have a dried-out P-trap

Does your Water contain too much Iron?

Women filling glass with water

Blog Highlights:

  • Too much iron can make your water taste funny, bloody, or metallic
  • Iron can come from dissolved minerals from underground water or from corroded water pipes
  • Too much iron in your water can decrease water pressure in the home and it can clog your appliances
  • A water aeration system can be very beneficial when it comes to removing iron from water