Things you need to know about the Water Heater Anode Rod

Water Heater Anode Rod

Blog Highlights:

  • The anode rod prevents rust and corrosion to take place within the other components of your water heater
  • Tank-less water heaters do not have an anode rod
  • The water acidity, the chemical reactions, and the heat can cause the water heater to corrode quickly
  • The anode rod sacrifices itself so that the water heater will last longer
  • The water heater must be maintained regularly and the anode rod must be checked and replaced when necessary
  • The anode rod must be replaced only with the help of a professional plumber so you can avoid damaging your water heating system

Is your Skin and Hair Being Damaged by Hard Tap Water?

Shower Head

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  • Although it does not seem to have any ill effects when taken orally, hard water can cause problems when used externally
  • Hard water contains high amounts of minerals as it is filtered on chalk or limestone that contains calcium and magnesium carbonate
  • Minerals found in hard water can also accumulate on your hair and skin
  • It can clog the pores on your skin and it can make your hair look dull and dry
  • Using a water treatment system to soften the water is the best way for you to fight the effects of hard water on your body

What to do when your Toilet keeps on Gurgling

Toilet with open lid

Blog Highlights:

  • Gurgling noises from your toilet might indicate that there is a blockage in your plumbing
  • Having a sewer cleaning company help you clean the sewer line can cost hundreds of dollars
  • Rubber duckies and cellphones have been known to cause toilet blockages
  • Vent stacks can also get clogged by animal nests

How to Change or Replace the Faucet Aerator on your Sink

Faucet Aerator on your Sink

Blog Highlights:

  • Faucet aerators can help you save a lot of water and money per year
  • Fluctuations in your water flow can be caused by clogged aerators
  • You can clean a clogged aerator with an old tooth brush or by soaking it in vinegar
  • You can opt to replace the broken parts of an aerator, just make sure that you know how to put back each piece in its proper place and position
  • The aerator is a tiny component that has the potential to help save you thousands of dollars each year