Clearing Clogged Drains on you Own

Sink Drain

Blog Highlights:

  • Chemical drain cleaners can do a lot of harm to the pipes under your bathroom or kitchen sinks
  • Boiling water can be used to dissolve organic debris, just make sure that you pour it directly down the drain
  • Never use boiling water directly on PVC pipes and on Porcelain sinks or toilets
  • When using baking soda and vinegar, you need to stop up the drain immediately
  • A plunger needs to be used especially when there is a serious clog and when water is no longer able to flow down the drain
  • The cup-shaped plunger is the one that is meant for sinks
  • You should use food catchers or strainers on your sinks so you can remove debris before they can cause problems
  • You can pour vinegar or baking soda down the drain as they can act as natural cleansers
  • If you have no knowledge when it comes to pipes and drains, it might be best if you hire a plumber so you can avoid damaging the drain further