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October 2016
Toilet Overflowing
Blog highlights: During an emergency toilet overflow, you need to know exactly what to do while you are waiting for help to arrive. You need to turn-off the toilet’s water valve at the base, or rig the toilet tank floater to make sure that the water stops flowing The water on the floor has to...
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Salt Lake City Plumbing Scams
Blog Highlights: Some plumbers will also give you a higher rate whenever they see that you belong to a wealthy neighborhood or as soon as they see expensive things in your home You should make sure that the products that they install behind the wall is exactly the one that you paid for There are...
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Home Inspection Image
Blog Highlights: You should also ask your inspector to check the water heater to make sure that it does not have any problems Wall leaks can be very difficult to detect, as a matter of fact, without proper inspection, home owners will only know about them when severe damage has already taken place Tree roots...
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Garbage Disposal
Blog Highlights: Vegetables that contain a lot of fiber can form strands that can wrap around the disposal’s blades and prevent it from running properly If you want to throw in fibrous food items, you should do so in very small amounts Egg shells can form small sand-like particles that can help create clogs Oils,...
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