Knowing what to do if the Toilet Suddenly Overflows

Toilet Overflowing

Blog highlights:

  • During an emergency toilet overflow, you need to know exactly what to do while you are waiting for help to arrive.
  • You need to turn-off the toilet’s water valve at the base, or rig the toilet tank floater to make sure that the water stops flowing
  • The water on the floor has to be drained or removed right away.
  • Anything that has come into contact with the toilet water has to be cleaned and disinfected.
  • You need to use a toilet plunger or snake if there are clogs in the drain, you can use a sink plunger if you do not have any of these tools.
  • You need to clear away small items that are placed near the toilet or on top of the toilet tank so that you can avoid getting your toilet clogged by a foreign object.

The 4 Most common Plumbing Scams and How to Avoid Them

Salt Lake City Plumbing Scams

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  • Some plumbers will also give you a higher rate whenever they see that you belong to a wealthy neighborhood or as soon as they see expensive things in your home
  • You should make sure that the products that they install behind the wall is exactly the one that you paid for
  • There are plumbers who will try to convince you into buying expensive materials, but they will actually install cheap alternatives into your home
  • There are a lot of plumbers who will promise to give you fast and inexpensive services but will actually try to scam you
  • You should ask the contractor to provide you with a list of materials so you will be able to compare their prices with the ones that the hardware will provide
  • You should also be wary of contractors who will try to subcontract the tasks to other groups so that they can charge you more per hour
  • Some estimators will also try to start working on your needs even though you have not seen a written estimate yet so that they can overcharge you later

4 Plumbing Problems that you need to Be Wary of during a Home Inspection

Home Inspection Image

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  • You should also ask your inspector to check the water heater to make sure that it does not have any problems
  • Wall leaks can be very difficult to detect, as a matter of fact, without proper inspection, home owners will only know about them when severe damage has already taken place
  • Tree roots can cause sewer clogs, if left untreated, it can cause severe damage
  • If the house was built before 1960, it might have galvanized pipes that can actually add lead into the water supply

Things that you should Never Put inside a Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal

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  • Vegetables that contain a lot of fiber can form strands that can wrap around the disposal’s blades and prevent it from running properly
  • If you want to throw in fibrous food items, you should do so in very small amounts
  • Egg shells can form small sand-like particles that can help create clogs
  • Oils, fats, and greases can also coat the blades, this can prevent them from breaking down food wastes properly
  • Rice, beans, and pastas can also form pastes that will prevent the motor from running smoothly
  • Homeowners should never throw in non-food items to avoid damaging the garbage disposal