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November 2016
Sauce pan with boiling water
Blog highlights: The quality of the water that you use has a huge impact on the food or beverage that you are making Hard water contains calcium and magnesium that can make dough stiff, this is why chefs prefer to use soft water for breads and pastries to have its true flavor Beverages like coffee...
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Baby with a bottle
Blog Highlight: A lot of parents know the benefits of giving the baby formula or breast milk, but only a few think about whether the baby can safely drink water. Experts recommend that babies should not be given plain water until they reach 6 months and until they can consume solid foods. Giving the baby...
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Drywall Water Damage
Blog Highlights: The plumbing in the home works as a single system that needs proper maintenance and repairs in order to run efficiently. A musty smell and moisture on the walls will mean that there is a plumbing leak nearby. If the leak and the wet spots are left untreated, black mold will soon develop...
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Ktichen Sink
Blog Highlights: Clogs caused by oil and fat is one of the most common problems that plumbers have to deal with today. If the pipe lines are connected, a clog caused by grease can cause backups not just in the kitchen, but also in the bath and laundry line. When dealing with clogs, you might...
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Old Toilet
Blog Highlights: Toilet leaks can wreak havoc on the subfloor or on the flooring. If left unfixed, homeowners can end up having to replace the entire floor or having to repair the room below. Old toilets can consume as much as 7 gallons of water per flush New toilets can offer you with more comfort...
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