How to check Your Salt Lake City Plumber’s license

Salt Lake City Plumber Fixing a Sink

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  • Some states require plumbers to have a license before they are allowed to seek employment
  • State government websites can help local residents know about the validity of your plumber’s license
  • The online database can also help locals know if the plumbers have a valid professional license
  • You can also go to the National Contractor License service so you can know more about the state’s professional licensing agencies

Training as a Plumber

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  • The requirements that each plumber will need to have in order to reach a certain level will depend on each state
  • The master plumber is usually a businessman who need needs to make sure that all journeyman plumbers under his or her company are all following all the regulations
  • The journeyman plumber is someone who has finished the apprenticeship program, acquired the degree or training certificate, and have all the necessary requirements to get a journeyman license
  • The apprentice plumber is a novice plumber who has finished the apprenticeship program which includes on-the-job training as well as several hours of classroom instruction

Fixing a Sewer Line Clog

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  • A telltale sign that your sewer line is clogged is when water starts to back out of the drain or toilet
  • Sewer line clogs can also be detected if the drain percolates or makes a strange noise
  • Tree roots are one of the most common causes for clogged sewer pipes
  • Experts suggest that you stay away from companies that try to use the inspection camera first instead of the auger

Knowing why you should Avoid Using Liquid Drain Cleaners


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  • Most liquid drain cleaners use harsh chemicals that can be very dangerous to your health.
  • Many of these products contain an acid that can damage the pipes when it stays too long and it can even destroy expensive finishes and enamel in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • The chemicals in these products can also harm the environment especially when the residue left inside the containers get thrown away at landfills.
  • Homeowners need to keep in mind that not all clogs are the same, if it is caused by sewer line problems, no amount of drain cleaner will be able to fix it.