Natural Gas and Oil Heating Systems

Condensing Forced Air Gas Furnace

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  • The most common heating system in the USA produces heat by burning natural gas or propane
  •  If you decide to invest in a natural gas heating system, have a licensed professional install the system
  •  Oil heaters are another option

Measuring Heat Efficiency

Measurement Gadges

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  • It is important to know how your heating system’s efficiency measures up
  • The ratio of a furnace’s heat output compared to the energy it uses to work is measured for efficiency
  • A unit’s efficiency can seriously affect your overall energy use and heating costs

Types of Heating Systems

Gas Furance with Hot Water Heater

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  • There are several different types of heating systems to choose from
  • It takes time and a lot of energy for a gas-fired space heater to warm multiple rooms
  • Radiant floor heating is efficient and allows for a lot of personal control

Prepare Your Furnace For Winter

House covered in Snow

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  • It is important to confirm that your furnace is working efficiently and safely
  • Regular maintenance can help keep your furnace in good working order
  • The best course of action to prepare your furnace for winter is to call an HVAC professional

Should My Air Conditioner Be Frozen?

Frozen AC Unit in Salt Lake City

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  • A frozen air conditioner is an indication that something is wrong
  • Once the indoor coil is covered in ice it can no longer circulate the heat out of your home
  • Coils may freeze as a result of several things