Common HVAC Noises: What You Need to Know

Salt Lake City AC Repair Technician

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  • If your HVAC system starts to make loud noises, this might be an indication of a problem
  • Clanking and loose parts can lead to bigger issues and costly damage if left unaddressed
  • If you notice a persistent hissing noise your HVAC system probably has a leak

10 Tips to Save you Money

Lightbulbs Salt Lake City

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  • The U.S. Department of Energy claims that HVAC systems account for over 50 percent of a person’s electric bill
  • Today there are many options when it comes to lightbulbs
  • Set your thermostat accordingly so you can save on heating and coolings costs

Why Your Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

Salt Lake City Furnace Blowing Cold Air

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  • If your thermostat is set correctly and you’re still experiencing blasts of cold air, you have a problem
  • A dirty filter can lead to even more major issues if left unchecked
  • If you’re using a gas furnace and noticing cold air, there’s a good chance the pilot light is out

Annual Maintenance of Your Furnace

Salt Lake City Furnace Maintenance

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  • It’s vital that you schedule an annual maintenance check-up for your furnace
  • A technician will make sure your furnace is working efficiently and safely
  • Without a regular check-up by a professional, your warranty may be void

Indoor Humidity Levels

Condensation on a Salt Lake City

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  • Sometimes, there can be too much humidity in your home
  • It is important to have just the right amount of humidity
  • It’s recommended that you contact a professional to help measure the levels of humidity in your home.