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December 2017
Salt Lake City Hot Water Heaters
Blog Highlights There are several reasons why a hot water heater might fail Water heaters are only designed to work between 10 and 15 years Make sure you install a water heater that can easily serve all your needs
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Frozen Broken Pipe Salt Lake City
Blog Highlights To help keep your pipes from freezing, it is important to keep the air around them warm If your pipes are located in the basement or attic, you may need to add some extra insulation Electrical heating tape is another reasonable option if your pipes are easily accessible
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Damage from Frozen Pipes
Blog Highlights When pipes freeze, they prevent water from flowing If the forecast calls for freezing temperatures, consider turning your facets on so that they drip The cost of repairing flood damage far outweighs the cost of leaving your heat on.
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Salt Lake City Ductless Mini – Split Heat Pump
Blog Highlights The ductless mini-split heat pump is a small unit that you can install anywhere This method of heating and cooling has become very popular because it allows owners to control the temperature of individual rooms Overall the ductless heat pump is far more efficient than the traditional HVAC systems
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