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May 2018
Salt Lake City Plumber fixing sink
Blog Highlights It is common for pipes to shake a bit when water courses through them Gurgling in one sink may simply indicate that the drain is clogged The sounds coming from your pipes should be considered early warning signs
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Homeowner fixing sink
Blog Highlights In case of emergencies, it's important to know how to shut off your main water Keep track of how old your home's pipes and fixtures are There will be some plumbing problems that are best handled by a professional
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Dirty Salt Lake City Public Bathroom
Blog Highlights Most people minimize their hand-use in the bathroom Unfortunately, when you flush the toilet germs and microbes fly up into the surrounding air. Paper towels are the most hygienic hand-drying option
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Sewer gas sign
Blog Highlights Due to today's centralized sewer systems and water treatment plants, our drinking water is safe There are a number of serious diseases which can be caused by exposure to raw sewage If you experience any malfunctioning plumbing, it's important that you contact your local, professional plumber immediately
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