5 Useful Plumbing Tools to Have at Home

Plumbing Tools in Salt Lake City

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  • Every home owner should have the following standard plumbing tools readily accessible
  • Plungers are often useful for preventing major plumbing issues and flooding
  • Pipe wrenches are especially useful for working with plumbing pipes

Dishwasher Leaks and Water Flow Problems

Salt Lake City Dishwasher Leaks

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  • Hoses and pipes carry the water from your household plumbing to the dishwasher
  • Sometimes leaks can happen underneath the dishwasher
  • In some cases you may be able to purchase the replacement parts and do the repairs yourself

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Ways to Pet-Proof Your Plumbing

Cat sitting outside

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  • Animals love to chew everything, including pipes and wires
  • Mud and fur can easily clog the drain in your shower or tub
  • Cleaning supplies can be extremely dangerous for pets (not to mention humans)