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Membership Plan

Want to keep more Money in your Wallet when it comes to your Plumbing & Heating needs?

Would you like to save 10% on all your Heating & Plumbing needs?

Our Salt Lake City Utah plumbing, heating and air conditioning company is currently slashing the prices on our advantage plan renewal. This saves you money and benefits you in so many more ways than just saving money.

As an Advantage Plan Member you are entitled each year to a no charge whole house plumbing check up or a Heating check up. We offer this service to help you maintain your very valuable investment. These inspections performed by our experienced Salt Lake City Utah plumbers are designed to catch any potential problems, and keep you aware of the condition of the plumbing & heating in your home.

We perform the following at no charge:

Plumbing Check Up

  • Check all drains in the house for proper flow.
  • Remove any hair from bathroom sink drains, and check the drain assembly for proper functionality.
  • Check all toilets for proper flushing and functionality including tightening any loose toilet seats.
  • Check the water pressure inside the house.
  • Check the water pressure outside the house.
  • Check the washing machine hoses for signs of wear. (#1 cause of home floods)
  • Check the washing machine drain for proper flow.
  • Check the washing machine shut off valves.
  • Check all faucets in the house for leaks and functionality including tightening any handles.
  • Check the emergency shut off valves under all sinks for leaks and functionality.
  • Inspect the water heater for leaks and proper installation.
  • Check outside hose bibs for leaks and functionality.

Heating Check Up

  • Check furnace gas pressure.
  • Inspect furnace wiring.
  • Check Thermostat settings.
  • Check Burner tray, filters, airways.
  • Carbon Monoxide test.
  • Check Flame Sensor.
  • Check heat exchanger for cracks.
  • Check Blower wheel.
  • Check High limit control & spill switches.
  • Check A/C for proper operation

Can you start to see the advantage? Also a few more great things about the advantage plan!

  • The advantage plan covers Multiple Properties.
  • The advantage Plan offers 10% off all work done on properties.
  • The advantage Plan offers Priority scheduling in Emergency situations.(Pipe breaks, No Heat, Etc)

Save 40% now and renew or extend your Advantage Plan for 3 more years for just $59.99,

This is a limited time offer and won’t last long!!!!