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Avoiding Water Pressure Loss in Your Shower

Shower Low Pressure

There are few things more frustrating than experiencing cuts in the water pressure while you shower. However, our professional plumbing services in Salt Lake City have various ways of fixing or preventing this common problem.

Pressure Balancing Valve Limitations

A pressure balancing valve is a single knob, control, or handle that both temperatures of water flow from. If your shower has one of these, you might be familiar with water pressure loss or a drop in temperature while you shower and somebody flushes the toilet.

This valve mixes both hot and cold water at a specific pressure level. When somebody flushes the toilet, cold water flows to refill the tank. In these moments, you might experience a loss of cold water in the shower because the valve is adjusting and not getting the cold water it needs.

When the valve adjusts, it will reduce the hot water to keep the temperature balanced. But this results in a drop in the overall temperature.

Get a thermostatic mixing valve to avoid this problem, as your cold and hot water lines will have two separate controls.

Malfunctioning Diverter Valve

If you have the combination of a bath and shower, you most likely also have a diverter valve. A diverter valve diverts the flow of water from the bathtub faucet to the showerhead.

But after years of no service, these valves can break. And when they do, they don’t open enough to send full water pressure to your showerhead.

A sure-fire way to solve this is to have a plumber confirm this issue and fix it.

Water Pressure Reduction Valve Needs Adjustment

If you have a water pressure problem with all the fixtures in your home, this is usually a problem close to the water source. Many homes have a water pressure reduction valve connected to the main water line close to the entry of the home.

In many cases, this valve might need to be repaired. The best way to repair it is to call a professional plumber who has the expertise to fix it!

Broken or Obstructed Pipe

A broken pipe might cause a loss in water pressure. This is an urgent problem as broken pipes can cause severe water damage to other areas of your home.

If you notice water where it shouldn’t be, dripping, or leaking, shut off your primary water supply and call a plumber for emergency service.

Clogged Pipe or Showerhead

Hopefully, the drop in your water pressure is because of a clogged showerhead. This is a simple problem to fix. Unscrew your shower head and let it soak in a cleaning solution for a few minutes. Also, clean the showerhead nozzles thoroughly with a toothbrush, and this should do the trick!

If the area you live in has hard water, it might clog your pipes with mineral deposit. Gradually the flow of water will slow down, and it will soon become noticeable. You can prevent this using a water softening system. Or for severely clogged pipes, hire a professional cleaning service to relieve your pipes or replace them.

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