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Water Droplet Salt Lake City

Water Quality Month

Blog Highlights

  • There are several things that can affect water quality
  • Saving water when and where you can is always recommended
  • Water is the most precious resource on our planet
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Upset Women viewing Salt Lake City Utility Bill

Reasons Your Water Bill Has Been Rising

Blog Highlights

  • When installing a new water fixture or appliance check for the WaterSense label
  • If your toilet has a leak or isn’t working correctly, you could be wasting water unnecessarily
  • If the leak is small, it may take time for you to find it, but it can cause a lot of damage
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Cat sitting outside

Ways to Pet-Proof Your Plumbing

Blog Highlights:

  • Animals love to chew everything, including pipes and wires
  • Mud and fur can easily clog the drain in your shower or tub
  • Cleaning supplies can be extremely dangerous for pets (not to mention humans)
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