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Salt Lake City Plumber fixing pipes

Water Hammer

Blog Highlights

  • The banging sound in pipes is commonly referred to as a “water hammer”
  • If your plumbing systems’ water pressure is too high, this can cause the water hammer effect
  • If you don’t feel comfortable securing your the pipes, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber
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Salt Lake City Shower Head

How to Avoid Water Pressure Loss in Your Shower

Blog Highlights

  • Fortunately, there are several things you can do to solve the problem of loss of water pressure
  • Another possible cause of the loss of shower pressure is a broken or damaged pipe
  • Speak with your plumber to determine the best course of action for your shower
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Salt Lake City Shower Bathrub and Shower

Bath or Shower

Blog Highlights

  • In today’s world, the conservation of water has become a big concern
  • When showering, consider taking shorter showers
  • You may actually waste more water by showering that by taking a bath
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Women washing dishes in Salt Lake City

Hand Washing Dishes? Stop!

Blog Highlights

  • The sponge you use to “wash” your dishes is not as clean as you’d like to think
  • Today’s dishwashers are extremely energy-efficient
  • With a dishwasher, you’ll have time to spend time with your family or simply relax
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Old Plumber Pipes

When To Replace Old Plumbing

Blog Highlights

  • Darkly colored water often indicates corrosion of the pipes
  • Typically your water should be odorless
  • One thing that can help make your pipes last longer is regular maintenance and upkeep
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Trees covered in snow

Deep Freeze Plumbing Tips

Blog Highlights

  • From your pipes to your plumbing fixtures, it’s important to be prepared
  • If your pipes freeze, there’s a good chance they will burst and flood your home
  • A constant trickle of water can help keep the pipes from freezing
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Closeup of Leaves

Spring Plumbing: Bathrooms and Kitchens

Blog Highlights

  • Cold temperatures can often cause problems with your plumbing system
  • As the seasons change, you should inspect your plumbing
  • While a small drip may seem harmless, it can lead to ruined fixtures, mildew, and even mold
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Black Mold in a Bathtub

Removing and Preventing Bathroom Mold

Blog Highlights

  • There are several different ways to remove mold from your bathroom
  • If you notice large amounts of mold anywhere in your bathroom, it is best to call a professional
  • One of the best ways to prevent mold is by making sure your bathroom has enough ventilation
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