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Salt Lake City Plumbing
Prepare for Winter
Blog Highlights  It’s important to properly prepare your plumbing for winter in order to avoid costly issues and to keep your home safe  Burst pipes are one of the most common plumbing issues during the winter Another major issue during the winter is frozen outdoor faucets Winter is upon us once again and with it...
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Recovering From Water Damage
Blog Highlights The first thing you need to do is survey the area In most cases, you will need to turn of your home’s main water valve The next thing you should do is call your homeowners insurance company Water damage is one of the most devastating disasters a homeowner can experience. In many cases,...
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Salt Lake City Drain Cleaning
Blog Highlights The improper disposal of household waste in the sink and even toilet can lead to backed-up drains, clogs, and other issues Toilet paper is completely safe to flush down the toilet in small amounts If you suspect you have a major clog in a sink or toilet, you should call a professional plumber...
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Safe Drinking Water Act Facts
Blog Highlights Lead is odorless and tasteless in water and can be very dangerous  Whether you have a well on your property or use the public water system, it’s imperative that you check the quality of your water If you discover lead in your water, you will most likely need to replace the pipes Having...
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Water Heater Problem
Blog Highlights If the temperature is too low it can lead to a breeding ground for bad bacteria The hotter the water, the faster pathogens die If cutting costs and energy-efficiency is a big concern, there are several things you can do The water heater is probably the biggest energy-consuming appliance in your home. If...
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Water Matters
Blog Highlights Water is used in many ways throughout your city  It may seem like we have an unending supply of water, but we don’t Take time to implement water-conserving habits and tricks Did you know that only one percent of earth’s water is available for human use? We use water everyday for everything from...
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Waterfall creek
Blog Highlights Not everyone has the same access to clean, usable water In the United States, the average family uses about 300 gallons of water per day In developed countries, it's easy to take water for granted
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Water Droplet Salt Lake City
Blog Highlights There are several things that can affect water quality Saving water when and where you can is always recommended Water is the most precious resource on our planet
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Salt Lake City Drain
Blog Highlights When a pipe or drain has a serious clog, plumbers may opt to do a camera inspection It's important to know the symptoms and signs of a drain or pipe problem When you can't identify the problem, it's probably best to call in a professional
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Upset Women viewing Salt Lake City Utility Bill
Blog Highlights When installing a new water fixture or appliance check for the WaterSense label If your toilet has a leak or isn't working correctly, you could be wasting water unnecessarily If the leak is small, it may take time for you to find it, but it can cause a lot of damage
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