When hot air rises it causes drafts and uneven temperatures. In Salt Lake City, Utah, and everywhere else, although your thermostat is 72 degrees, you might still feel uncomfortable. This is because the floor is 68 degrees, whereas the ceiling is 70-80 degrees.

Consequently, radiant heating is so essential for every household. Let’s look at why radiant heating is worth investing in.

Radiant Heating

Benefits of Heat Radiant

An old-fashioned air system for heating homes works by transferring heat to your body. Unfortunately, this heat is diluted and may heat up areas you don’t want to be heated up.

On the other hand, with radiant heating, the heat is directly transferred to your body, keeping you warm while using less energy. Additionally, as you only heat the floor, you have more control over the heated areas, keeping your heating costs within your budget.

In kitchens and bathrooms, radiant heating eliminates the feeling of cold tiles. Also, radiant heating adjusts to the temperature outside. And your floor will always remain a mild temperature, perfect for Winter and Summer.

Personal Benefits of Radiant Heating:

  • Constantly warm floors
  • Various temperature zones
  • Natural humidity (You won’t need a humidifier)
  • Constant temperatures
  • Dust-free heat (You won’t need filters)
  • Flexible solution for heated homes

Home Benefits of Radiant Heating:

  • No ductwork on walls and ceilings
  • Flexible furniture placement
  • Highly compatible with various floor coverings

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We offer the following in radiant heating excellence

Radiant Heat vs. Forced Air Home Heating

Comfort is the primary reason for choosing radiant heating rather than air heating. Using radiant heating, your warm floor will provide conductive warmth to your entire room. Because objects in a room have been heated by radiant rather than air, this eliminates any hot and cold spots in the room.

Remember that hot air rises, making it a no-brainer why you should use radiant heating instead of air heating.

Radiant Heating Water Tube

Radiant Heating for Economical Home-Heating

Radiant boilers and forced air furnaces might have similar operating efficiencies, but the heat loss varies greatly.

Research proves that air systems lose between 25% to 30% of their heat before entering a room. For properly designed, installed, and insulated radiant systems, the heat loss is 7.5%.

We Offer Repair & Replacement Services too

Throughout Salt Lake City, Park City, and surrounding areas, we offer radiant heat repair and replacement services!

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Radiant Heating Installation

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