In Salt Lake City, nobody enjoys having to wake up on a cold, Winter’s morning and shovel snow from their driveway. At Thornton Plumbing and Heating we provide services to keep your driveways and walkways crystal clear.

Thanks to snowmelt systems, remove snowmelt is a lot easier. Snowmelt systems host an automatic snow detection feature that kicks in as the first flakes meet the ground. Your driveway will heat up, preventing snow from accumulating. And when the ground is dry, the snowmelt system automatically shuts off to prevent wasted money and energy.

Snowmelt Systems

A snowmelt system will keep your driveway looking fantastic all throughout Winter!

At Thornton Plumbing and Heating we have reliable snowmelt systems to provide you with a luxury you can’t live without-no built-up snow on your driveway during Winter!

This will save you the time, hassle, and money of manually removing the snow and instead, you can relax while we get the dirty work done for you.

Snowmelt System Illustration

Why Choose Snowmelt Systems for Your Driveway?

Snowmelt Manifold


On surfaces where snow and ice have not accumulated, fewer accidents are prone to occur. Also, fresh snow melts much easier when it is not above older snow.

Less Maintenance

Winter in Salt Lake City is the time to enjoy fun on the Slopes, Sundance movies, and the numerous vibrant restaurants scattered through the city. But if you need to spend time shoveling, ploughing, and salting at home, when will you have time to do this?

Using a snowmelt system, you don’t have to waste time on those chores, and instead, you can enjoy the chilly season of Winter.

Driveway with snowmelt system

The Concrete and Pavement Lasts Much Longer

The freezing temperatures of Winter nights do a number on concrete and pavements. But using a snowmelt system will avoid this problem from happening as you are preventing the process of ice freezing and thawing on the pavement and concrete.


Shoveling snow can contribute to serious conditions such as heart attacks, back injuries, or muscle pain. Avoid this from happening and snow-blocker incidents by calling us today for the best snowmelt system installation and maintenance in Salt Lake City.

Family Playing in the Snow

The Thornton Plumbing and Heating Difference

Thornton Plumbing and Heating are the ideal professionals for expert services at affordable prices. We have all the necessary knowledge and experience on snowmelt systems, so we will have no problem assisting you!

To ensure we deliver what you had in mind, our experts love to hear as much from as possible. Using snow melting systems to keep our customers’ driveways spick and span is part of our specialties and we’d love to do it for your home. Call us right now so we can help you!

Thornton Plumbing and Heating Staff