How To Unclog a Sink in 5 Easy Steps

Plumber unclogging a kitchen sink

There are few things more frustrating in Salt Lake City, Utah than a clogged bathroom sink. Especially, when you’re in a hurry! When this happens, follow this brief guide to know how to unclog a sink. Disconnect the Stopper The problem is most likely built-up gunk on the stopper. First, disconnect the stopper. Under the […]

Are Flushable Wipes Really Safe to Flush?

Flushable Wipes

Most people in Salt Lake City, Utah, prefer the soft touch of wet wipes over toilet paper. And who can blame them? However, are flushable wet wipes safe to flush? Even though many wet wipes claim to be, one can never be too sure. The Breakdown Although flushable wipes are labelled as “flushable” or “septic-safe”, […]

How to Remove Foul Bathroom Odor?

Bad Smelling Bathroom

There are many reasons for foul odor in your bathroom in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here are the best tricks and tips to solve this problem. What to Do First? Identify the Bathroom Odor You need to figure out the source of the odor. Musty odors mean mold and fungus growing in your bathroom. As […]

10 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Salt Lake City Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing emergencies in Salt Lake City are a nightmare, but you’d rather be prepared for them than not. To help you, these are the top 10 plumbing emergencies for homeowners. Clogged Toilets Many products can cause a clogged toilet like flushing sanitary pads, ear swabs, wet wipes, and so forth. A quick way to solve […]

7 Essential Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Plumbing Tools

Being a Homeowner means inevitable plumbing problems. Cut back on costs when these problems arise by owning these seven essential plumbing tools to correct plumbing problems in Salt Lake City, Utah. 1. Plunger A plunger not only relives a clogged toilet but can also help relieve a clogged shower! Ensure you have this inexpensive tool […]

Six Tips for Picking the Best Plumber

Plumber fixing a sink

Plumbing problems are never planned. And with an emergency, you don’t want to have to urgently find a plumber in Salt Lake City, Utah. How would you know if the plumber could get the job done? Or if they have the correct licensing and equipment? You won’t! And picking the wrong plumber could worsen the […]

How a Gas Tank-Type Water Heater Works

Old Water Heater

Tank-type water heaters are common amongst homes and with regular maintenance can last a lifetime! Although tankless water heaters are rapidly becoming more popular, tank-type water heaters are still the homeowners’ first choice in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can purchase a tank-type water heater in either electric or gas. But gas is the ideal […]

Adjusting Your Water Heater Temperature: Should You Do It?

Water Heater Temperature

Water heaters are the primary source of high energy consumption for most homes. If you need to make a few cutbacks, adjusting your water heater temperature is a great place to start. However, if you set the temperature too low, bacteria will develop on your water heater. On the other hand, setting the temperature too […]

Avoiding Water Pressure Loss in Your Shower

Shower Low Pressure

There are few things more frustrating than experiencing cuts in the water pressure while you shower. However, our professional plumbing services in Salt Lake City have various ways of fixing or preventing this common problem. Pressure Balancing Valve Limitations A pressure balancing valve is a single knob, control, or handle that both temperatures of water […]

Should You Insulate Your Water Pipes?

Insulated Pipes

Insulating their water pipes is not a tricky decision for most home-owners. The amount of money they save on energy in the long haul is just too hard to resist. Our plumbing business in Salt Lake City, Utah, has come across countless home-owners that don’t know the value of insulating their pipes. Or how economical […]