I have used Tingey Plumbing on two occasions and both times have found them very personable, professional, and honest. The first time they fixed my backed up drains for my entire home and told me that with out the exstended warranty I only had a 30 day warranty and that was last year and still no backups with my plumbing.(knock on wood) The second time I called they come to our home sooner that expected. My hot water line from the water heater to the rest of the house was leeking so they put a new pipe in. But as soon as we started using the hot water again the leek came back. I called their office expecting to get the run around and to my pleasant surprise the owner of Tingey Plumbing was at my door the very next day and tore the pipes apart just to make sure what happened to the fix was done the right way. I mean how many plummers service their customers and the prices were not that expensive. I just wish that I had called Tingey with my other heating and cooling problems instead of Whipple, I would be a much happier customer now. I would reccommend Tingey Plumbing to every person I know just so they could get a better rate, better personality, perfessional demeaner. I could say more but I am running out of room. One thing, the person that fixed my hot water lines the first time use to work for Whipple and that explains why my line broke in the first time. Keep up the good fight TINGEY Plumbing and Heating.


Bonnie Christensen

West Valley, Utah