I’ve tried several different plumbing services over the years, and Tingey Plumbing is by far the best and most professional of the lot. In each case, their service representative showed up in time (including a phone call in advanced of the visit to assure that I was home) and told me what options I had to address the problem, told me the price upfront, and stayed until the job was done. Can’t ask for anything more. I will never waste time going elsewhere or shopping around for “the best price” – especially when that “best price” turns out to be something far more than expected or told over the phone. My advice is to not waste your time going through the list of plumbers in the phone book or thinking that those outfits that constantly advertise on the radio are the best. Trust me – it’s a waste of your time. Go with Tingey Plumbing and AC, have the job done right, save yourself a lot of hassle.