I called Tingey because of a recommendation from a friend who has done extensive remodeling on her home. I have used Tingey for annual routine checks on plumbing, heating and air as well as the installation of two new furnaces in the fall of 2010. Each time they have gone beyond my expectations in the quality of the work as well as the explanations of what was required. I have had at least four different technicians and each has expertise in the area serviced. One saved a huge mess for me by detecting a hydrant that had broken off inside the wall of my home. It could have done tremendous damage when spring came, but he caught it. I am member of their “customer club” and get price reductions on all work. The best part us that I now have a company that knows my home and monitors heating, cooling and plumbing as my home ages. I have peace of mind that something goes wrong, Tingey will “find it and fix it”.