Having to replace our gas hot water heater in the do it yourself method proved to be a bit more challenging, and calling the Home Depot installation people and getting referred to their local installers was my first attempt to solve the problem. Poor choice, as all I got was a no-show on the estimate guy followed by a call telling me they’ll just send their plumber over. With this, the charge was going to be $675. to install the hot water heater I already purchased. This, after telling the guy the old one was already out, sitting in the garage, and the new one was set to go.
It was our good fortune that I called Tingey and the dispatcher was able to fit us in so that a guy would get out to us in a few hours to check out the job, and give us a price. If we didn’t like it, no problem, no costs.
Well, Anthony came out, clearly explained what he would need to do, how much time he’d need to do the work, and gave us a fair price. The price just happened to be $400. less than the locals that Home Depot directed us to. So, the water heater got installled, problem solved and a great company to use if we are ever in need of their services in the future. A follow-up call by Alex to make sure we were good with the work and services gave me a chance to express to him that I was glad to find a company to get the work done for a fair costs, and not have additional costs added on for services we didn’t require.