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Teri I.

We recently moved into a home that was suffering from “deferred maintenance” so wanted to have the water softener evaluated (it was our first water softener and we weren’t familiar with its operation). Ken Tingey patiently took the time to teach me about how it worked while he checked over the unit. He made a couple of suggestions relating to how it could function better and took care of the changes at my request during the same visit. He also had a quick look at our HVAC unit and pointed out a leaking pipe which could have caused problems down the road, if left unnoticed. A service appointment was scheduled at my request for a few days later. At that time, Rob efficiently repaired the faulty pipe as well as helped to resolve an existing problem with the filter rack that was proving to be a challenge when I tried to install clean filters.
My initial contact with Beatriz in the office instilled in me a sense of comfort that I had contacted a company with integrity. Both technicians were polite, informative, and professional while also being conscientious about covering their boots before stepping into our home.
Experiences with other plumbers at our previous home had already prepared me that plumbing services can be costly. What makes the cost bearable is having people in your home whom you feel you can trust are treating you fairly and honestly.