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The ins and outs of a Toilet Flange?

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If you aren’t an experienced plumber, you might not know what the workings of your bathroom include, let alone what a toilet flange is. As an experienced plumbing service in Salt Lake City, we want to give you all the information you need to understand your bathroom’s plumbing. Is it vital to know what a toilet flange is? Yes, it is!

What is a toilet flange?

A toilet flange is also known as a closet flange). This is a pipe fitting connecting your toilet to a drainpipe located in the floor of your bathroom. Toilet flanges are manufactured using PVC, rubber, copper, stainless steel, brass, or even metal. To keep a toilet flange in place, you can use bolts and screws. To seal the flange to the toilet and not directly on the floor, you use a rubber gasket and a wax ring.

Where does the term “flange” come from?

The word “flange” roots from a French word, “flanchir”. This word is defined as “to bend”. Flanges can be external or internal. The primary aim of a flange is to provide strength and support between objects. People have used flanges to connect pipes and fixtures in the shapes of cylinders. However, you can also use flanges for purposes other than plumbing such as in train wheels, or camera lenses. If you need to keep an object secured in place and connect it to another object, flanges are your answer!

Can I install a toilet without using a closet flange?

It might seem like you don’t need this mechanism, but flanges are essential to toilets. If you don’t have a toilet flange, your toilet will not be securely aligned with the drainpipe. This would be a huge issue as your toilet will soon start leaking, and if you have wooden flooring, it’s worse as the water will rot the wood. You’d then need to get a toilet flange installed and replace or repair your flooring. It would be a lot more convenient to avoid that situation and ensure your toilet has a flange. Your toilet could still leak with a flange anyway. To prevent this from happening, ensure that the flange is tightly connected. You might not understand how intricate plumbing works, but without question- a toilet flange is a must!

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